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A New Way Of Tasting Wines At Park+Bridge

bar_a_vin_eurocave_wine_art_expo_boutique at park+bridgeWhat’s on taste this weekend, we hear you cry?

Well, actually, it’s what we’ve had on taste since Wednesday.

Yes, that’s right.

Over the summer we’re trialling a clever new WineArt machine from Eurocave that allows us to pour samples from a red and a white wine any time we like.

The environmental control keeps them at exactly the right temperature for drinking and the vacuum pump make sure any air is kept away from the wine.

So far, we’re pretty impressed, but why not drop in at any time and see for yourself, sample some wines and have a browse.

Of course, like all our free tastings, there’s never any obligation to buy and the same chatty, party atmosphere will remain – because somethings will never be replaced by technology.

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