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Author Archives: Mike Taylor

Our Early October Newsletter – Posted 9th October 2017

Our early October newsletter features details of our upcoming Rhone masterclass, Orange wine masterclass and some dates for your diary… Continue reading

Heart Of Glass – Why Great Wine Deserves Good Glasses

I have a confession to make. Actually, scratch that, I have two confessions to make and both of them involve wine and nice glasses… Continue reading

Moore Says Less Is More In New Wave Indie Wine Stores

Park+Bridge featured in a broadsheet look at the new, independent wine shops that are popping up across the UK… Continue reading

A Brooklyn Tale Of Independent Parades

The battle for the High Street is over and the big brands and chains have won. It’s time to take a leaf out of New York’s book… Continue reading

Our January 2018 Newsletter Online

Coming very soon we have a cocktail night, champagne and sparkling wine masterclass plus supperclubs! Continue reading

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