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Brøkton S1:E4 – The First Season Finale – Tuesday 4th July, 5pm

Brøkton – Series 1, Episode 4 – the season finale – is on Tuesday 4th July from 5pm. Brøkton is a food phenomenon where Brooklyn meets Acton and everyone eats well.


Danish-born, sushi maven Silla Bjerrum and Brooklyn-bred Donna Freed have combined their passion for food and love of Acton to create Brøkton, an Izakaya (or Japanese tapas) pop-up. Silla and Donna will present a selection of traditional but informal Japanese small plates with a twist; ideal for sharing or solo feasting.

4th July Menu – Coming Soon.

Previously on Brøkton…



Brøkton Series 1 Episode 3 – Tuesday 6th June Menu

Lotus Crisp with Anori
Miso Edamame – £3.50
Plum Tomatoes, Wakame Salad and Konbu Dashi Salad – £5.00
Beef Tataki with Rubrap Kimchee Pickle – £7.00
Salmon 5 Ways on 5 Grains & Seeds (pictured) – £12.00
Spring Tempura with Tiger Prawn Tempura and Scallops – £12.00
(vegan version available – £8.00)
White Chocolate Posset with Cherry Compote – £5.00
Strawberries and Cream Japanese Deconstructed (vegan) – £5.00

It’s walk in only (no booking) and Vindinista is card only (no cash).


Brøkton Series 1 Episode 1 – Tuesday 4th April Menu
Japanese pickles £3
Edamame with Miso, Matcha & Sea Salt £3.5
Tuna Tataki £10.5
Stuffed Bao Buns with Japanese Duck Confit two for £5 or four for £9
Pan-fried Sea Bass over Citrus Sesame Soba Noodles £9.5
Chicken Tonkatsu with Rice & Coleslaw £12
Yuzu tart with Seaweed Sesame Caramel £6

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