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Changes At Park+Bridge and Vindinista in 2019

I’ve just heard you are closing Park+Bridge. Is this true?

We are moving our current retail business (the Park+Bridge wine shop at 73 Churchfield Road) into the current bar space at 74 Churchfield Road and using just one name for our whole new offering, Vindinista. The shop at 73 will be open as usual over the Christmas and New Year period.

Does this mean Vindinista is closing?

No – but it will change its focus. From next year, Vindinista will become a wine shop with a drink-in option. So you’ll still be able to meet your friends and enjoy some wine at Vindinista alongside small plates of cheese, charcuterie and our awesome truffle cheese toastie. While it does mean extending our shop hours a little, it means that that we will close earlier than the bar currently does.

Why are you doing this? The bar’s always packed and the shop is very popular

We’ve enjoyed almost six fantastic years in Churchfield Road and some truly amazing nights at the bar.  But when we opened Park+Bridge, our plan was for a wine shop with a drink-in option. At the time, we couldn’t find a site to accommodate this on Churchfield Road. Some of you might also remember that we started Vindinista as a pop-up. We didn’t envisage having the bar almost four years later.  Now that our lease is up on 73 Churchfield Road, we’ve taken advantage of this to realise our original vision.

Is it because there is more competition on Churchfield Road?

Not at all. We honestly believe competition is good because it brings more people onto the street and encourages more residents to shop, eat and drink locally. And that’s what Churchfield Road really needs. A rising tide floats all boats…

Are you doing it just to cut costs?

It’s true that we will save some money by moving everything onto one site. (And, like all good businesses, we need to be smart in times of economic uncertainty.) But the main reason is taking advantage of our lease expiring on 73 and wanting to realise our original vision of a wine shop with an option to drink in. We will continue to sell great wines we know and love to the people of Acton and beyond.

What will happen to all the events you hold?

We will continue to hold wine events – masterclasses, meet the winemaker etc. While it is unlikely we’ll be able to do food takeovers any more, we are hoping to be able to organise some smaller wine suppers and other food based events. Watch this space…

What about private hire?

We have to wait until we’ve finished to see if it is possible to book the whole venue for parties,once the shop has shut for the evening. The side room will still be bookable for small gatherings.

When will this all happen?

The Park+Bridge shop will be open for the rest of the year, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So it will be business as usual for the rest of 2018 – we’ve already planned some fantastic wines for Christmas and will be doing boozy hampers again. 

We will make the transition in January 2019 (there’s a lot of work to do) and re-open at the beginning of February with our exciting new offering.

If you’ve any other burning questions, just ask Paola or Mike.

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