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The One Where We Find A Shop…

Park and Bridge StickerSo, after almost a year of planning and searching, plenty of heartbreak and dead ends, and a baptism of fire in commercial property contract negotiations, we finally have a site where we will open our first Park + Bridge store. And what a great location! Near both the Park and the Bridge (with its lovely new ACTON sign), and close to where we’ve lived for many years, in a neighbourhood we know really well.

As locals who’ve spent the last 20 years in and around Acton and Shepherds Bush, we are delighted that the shop will open as close to home as it to our hearts.

73 Churchfield Road - Before

We really feel that this is the right place for a neighbourhood wine store that showcases a curated list of  great wine. Because we LOVE great wine.

The shop is small, but our neighbours are lovely and the area seems to just hum with potential.

It may not look much now but just give us a few months…

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