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It's Not Just Great Wine – But Great Coffee Beans Too!

And while we do love great wines, we also love great coffee too. And that’s why we stock Allpress coffee’s Redchurch blend in our wine store.

allpress coffee 1kg bag of beans

Never heard of Allpress? They are a Kiwi company with branches in Sydney, London (Redchurch Street in Shoreditch) and soon they’ll be opening in Tokyo.

“Allpress are primarily passionate about roasting – Milanese, medium roast style is what they prefer and what they are simply excelling at…” says the CafeMumboJumbo website

Here at Park+Bridge we’re currently selling both beans and ground (for plungers) in 250gm packs, but we can get hold of 1kg bags of beans for real coffee enthusiasts who want a steady supply of really great coffee at home or in the office. Just let us know…

We drink Allpress at home and we keep the beans fresh in a large airtight kilner jar. This keeps the beans perky for a month (which is about as long as a kilo ever lasts at ours…)


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