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Moore Says Less Is More In New Wave Indie Wine Stores

Park+Bridge made national headlines this week, featuring in a broadsheet look at the new, independent wine shops that are popping up across the capital and beyond.

Victoria Moore, the Daily Telegraph’s wine writer, stopped by for a chat with Paola about the indie new wave and had this to say:

“…it sells about 140 different wines. There’s one of this, one of that, an unusual grape here, a trusted favourite there: Austrian blaufränkisch, torrontés, primitivo, malbec, magnums of English sparkling wine: a contemporary sort of wine smorgasbord. It feels like an edit your new wine best friend has put together for you to try at home.”

And who are we to argue…

To read the full article click on the link:
Enter The Fun, Friendly World Of The New Wine Shop

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