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The One Where We're Almost Ready To Open…

Park and Bridge StickerOperation Park + Bridge Shop-fit has been a huge success. Despite some delays, both expected and unplanned (a slight problem with a leaky roof and a few hiccoughs with technology) we really are very nearly there.  And we’re delighted that we finally have almost everything that you need to open a wine shop – everything, except maybe any wine…

The carpenters, metalworkers, painters, sparks, security team, till suppliers and even BT havePark and Bridge We Love Great Wine Wall Poster done their various things and we now have a beautiful, secure store with shelves and a fridge.

And what a great job they’ve made of it!

We are delighted to post a few pictures of our newly-completed store, and want to thank everyone who has already stopped by to say hello and wish us all the very best.

Even though there is barely a bottle on the shelves yet, the people we hope will become our regular customers have been knocking on our (gorgeous and huge) door and sticking their head around to say hi and have a look in.

Park + Bridge ShelvingIn the next two weeks we’ll be stocking the shop with red, white, rose, sparking and dessert wines and ironing out the kinks in the (very shiny, very new and as yet untested) system.

We also hope that, before very long, we’ll be stocking some great cheeses, crackers, olives, chocolates and coffee (beans and ground for espresso and plunger).

But we’re a small team and getting everything in place takes time. We hope you’ll bear with us while we get ourselves straight – and please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.

We hope to properly open our doors for our first full days trading on Saturday, April 27th at 10am.

And we really hope that we’ll become a firm favourite with everyone who lives in and around Churchfield Road.

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