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Special August Offer: 10 For 10

We’re sometimes asked why we don’t have regular wine promotions. The answer is simple. We don’t think this offers our customers the best deal.

In order to run promotions every week – and stay in business – we’d need to start inflating the price of wines, so that our customers felt they were getting a bargain when we reduced them.

It’s a tactic used by some supermarkets and chains, especially with their half-price deals.

That doesn’t mean we won’t run offers though. Genuine offers.

So here’s our first deal: 10 For 10.

For the entire month of August, if you spend £10 or more on a bottle of wine, we’ll give you 10% off the second bottle.

How does this work?

1. If you buy a bottle for £10, such as a Willow Brook from Three Choirs, and – for example – a Petit Clos Marlborough Pinot Noir from Clos Henri for £14, we’ll take the 10% off the more expensive wine.

2. If you buy a bottle of the Willow Brook for £10 and a David Sauvignon/Mauzac blend for £8. 50, we’ll take the discount off the cheaper wine (because you need to buy one wine of £10 or more to qualify for the discount).

3. You can do this in multiples of two, up to six bottles. Then our new, permanent 5% discount on a case of six kicks in (which is a slightly better deal).

The 10 for 10 discount doesn’t apply to our handful of bin end wines that are already on sale – and don’t forget, if you buy 12 or more wines, you get 10% off the whole case.

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