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The One Where Designs Are Agreed (And Budgets Busted…)

Park and Bridge StickerIf you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right and hopefully do it right first time.  And ever since we first thought about opening a small, London independent wine shop here near our home in W12, we wanted to do it right. So we are really pleased to have signed off the designs for both our branding and our soon-to-be neighbourhood wine store.


We Love Great Wine PosterAll good things take time to get right and we’ve used a few of the recent unforeseen delays to polish our branding and fine tune the layout and the spec of the shop-fit. Budgets? They’re there to be busted right?

73 Churchfield Road is a really just a white four-metre cube – a nice blank canvas upon which we can write “Park + Bridge – neighbourhood wine shop” in nice big letters.

Several people have asked us what sort of wines we’ll be selling. The short answer is: great wines that we think you’ll love. All of the wines we sell we stand by as great examples of their type or style.

We always believed that most of our customers will be local to the store and we are delighted that the response so far from everyone around us has been just great. It seems that people in Acton want to be able to taste and buy their wine from somewhere other than a supermarket.

Why drop bottles of industrially produced plonk into the trolley when you can spend the same money on something from a neatly curated list that’s been pulled together by people who know and care?

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