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UPDATE: On Taste in Store Saturday 31st May

Last week, the Italian sparkling red was a smash hit. We’ll get our hands on some more soon.

But, as it’s still English wine week, we thought it would be fun to open a sparkling red from these shores. And, to show you how well it goes with cured meats, we’ll have some of our new saucisson sec for you to try as well.

Corks up at 2pm – and don’t forget we’ll also have a cheeky Austrian and Portuguese on taste as well.

Bolney Estate Cuvee Noir 2010 (England £24.00)
Bursting with raspberries and cranberries but with a dry, citrus finish, this makes a delicious pairing with ham and other cured meats, including chorizo. Dare to be different!
WWD 20140531

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