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Well That Went Well…

Park and Bridge StickerOur first full weekend opening and proper, organised tasting and we were cleaned out of the Biddenden rosé AND the Dom Perraud Bourgogne Aligoté.

On Sunday we had to switch to a Languedoc Syrah rosé and the Tinpot Hut pinot gris from New  Zealand – so sincere apologies if you didn’t get to try or but a wine you were after, wwe just had no idea it would be so popular.

We were really delighted that so many of you came back to tell us how much you enjoyed the Torre del Falasco Valpolicella Ripasso – it’s a corker!

What are we opening next Friday..? We’re not quite sure yet – but we have lots of ideas and a whole bunch of great wines we’d like to introduce you to.

A couple of customers also complimented us on our range of sparkling wines and asked if we could organise a tasting of those. Once we finish stocking up and getting things straight, we’ll see what we can do.

Watch this space…

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