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What We’re Drinking: Natural Fizzy Friday, 11th April

WWD 20140411

Yes, it’s Fizzy Friday time again.

Technically both these wines are semi-sparkling. But they’ve still got bubbles, and that’s what counts.

We’re opening them as part of Real Wine Month, where we highlight wines that are made with organic grapes, by producers following biodynamic practices in the vineyard –  and using as few additives in the wine as possible.

Both of these sparklers are different, but really moreish.

Benoit Courault Le Petit Chemin Pet Nat 2012 (France £17.25)
Lightly sparkling, slightly cloudy Chenin Blanc from Anjou, just bursting with pure, juicy apples & pears plus gentle honey notes. Makes a lovely aperitif.

Pyramid Valley The Body Electric Sparkling Riesling 2011 (New Zealand £16.00)
A happy accident. Made as a still wine, this Riesling from Marlborough refermented in the bottle to make a dry wine with bubbles. Vibrant, refreshing, delicious.

Wines are open from 6pm on Friday and normal Park+Bridge tasting rules apply (it’s free, you’re only here to enjoy yourself and there’s absolutely no obligation whatsoever to buy anything).


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