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What We're Drinking: Friday 12th + Saturday 13th July

Last Saturday was, as you’ll remember, hot, hot, hot.

So, we decided to put on taste, alongside two fabulous Rieslings, a chilled New Zealand Pinot Noir – the Petit Clos 2011 (£14.00). Chilling doesn’t work for every red wine. But a fruity wine without big tannins can be delicious served cool. 

 Most of you who tried it loved the idea. As a result, we’re going to put another chilled red on for tasting this weekend. This time, it’ll be Andre Colonge Beaujolais (£11.00).

Bursting with red fruits, this lighter-style wine works really well with cured meats, pâtés, meaty white fish and creamy, milder cheeses.

Along with the Beaujolais, we’ll be opening a Kozlović Malvazija from Croatia (£13.50). A waft of jasmine, fleshy nectarines & cooling minerality, the medium-bodied white wine is perfect for sea bream, bass & seafood pasta.

We’ll just have to close our eyes and try very hard to imagine being by the Istrian coast as we sip it.

Bottles will be open for tasting from 6-8pm on Friday and 12 noon till we run out on Saturday.




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