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What We’re Drinking: Fizzy Friday 14th February

Will you be our Valentine? Can we woo and charm you with some amazing rosé Champagne and delicious pink fizz?

You don’t have to be part of a lovey-dovey couple to enjoy a sparkling treat this Friday. And what a treat we have in store! Billecart-Salmon Champagne no less, plus “Acton’s Champagne” as we’ve heard the Presle Touraine Méthode Traditionelle Rosé being referred to. PLUS Nino Franco Faive Sparkling Rosé, which is absolutely ace with spicy food.

There’ll also be Artisan du Chocolate Pearls to nibble.  These edible pearlescent-glazed chocolate spheres are an assortment of silver white South Sea Pearls filled with dark ganache, golden white South Sea Pearls filled with milk ganache and dark silver Tahiti pearls with a smooth hazelnut praline. Visually stunning, they’re every bit as delicious as they look (and cost £20 a box).

We’re opening the bottles (and the chocolates) an hour earlier than usual – 5pm and we’ll wrap up a little later, around 8pm. And remember, it’s all completely free.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé  NV (France £59.50)
Probably the best non-vintage rosé Champagne in the world. In our opinion, anyway.

Château de la Presle Touraine Méthode Traditionelle Rosé NV (France £16.00)
A crisp, sophisticated fizz with delicate red fruits. Made from one of the Loire’s lesser known grapes, Pineau d’Aunis.

Nino Franco Faive Sparkling Rosé 2011 (Italy £17.50)
Mainly Merlot, with a dollop of Cabernet Franc, this off-dry vintage fizz is debonair and deliciously different.

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