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What We're Drinking: Friday 1st + Saturday 2nd November

People like to ask us: “What wines do you specialise in?” And looking around the shelves, it has looked quite European old world. But we’re not about ticking boxes ensuring we’ve covered all the classics. We focus on what we think is good plus (importantly) what we think you’ll love drinking. And good wine does come from all over the place. Like South Africa.

We’ve increased our range from South Africa, including a brilliant vintage fortified wine that is just like Port, all of which can be viewed on our wine list.

This weekend, we’ll be showcasing two of them, from family-run producers Beaumont in the Bot River region in the Western Cape, who have a long standing history of making wine that dates back as the eighteenth century.

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Beaumont Raoul’s Jackals River White 2012 (£11.25)
A crisp, aromatic, easy-drinking blend of Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc with an attractive ABV of 11.5%. It reminds us of fresh cut grass and green apples. Tasty on its own, and a good match for seafood, such as grilled white fish, scallops or prawn pasta.  

Beaumont Raoul’s Old Basket Press Red 2011 (£11.95)
Made from old and low yielding vineyards, this wine has a swarthy swagger. Some intense fruit, bitter chocolate, smoke and a tannic grip. In our opinion, this is best with food such as roasted red meat, game and can even stand up to a bit of spice. A real winter warmer. 

As usual bottles will be open from 6-8pm on Friday and 2-6pm on Saturday. And it’s all free.

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