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What We’re Drinking: Friday 6th June


“A New World Chardonnay?
And a bag in box red?
On taste?
At my favourite local wine store?
What are they thinking?”


We’re thinking this: 
Chardonnay is one of the world’s most versatile grapes and without it, we wouldn’t have Chablis or many Champagnes. Yet a lot of us find it hard to shake off the image of baked fruit served a wooden box. We’ve found a great value California Chardonnay that has all the positives of warmer climate Chardonnay, but lots of freshness too.

We’re also thinking this : it’s BBQ, picnic and festival season.  What can you offer your friends that is simple but tasty and doesn’t require hauling around stacks of bottles? Bag-in-box is making a comeback. This time, it is stylishly designed and the wine inside tastes good…

Don’t believe us? Then come and try for yourself! Wines are open from 6-8pm this Friday, and there’s no obligation to buy.

Camino Cellars Chardonnay 2011 (USA £12.75)
It can get very foggy in Monterey. That’s a good thing. It’s keeps Chardonnay in check. Tropical flavours with a gentle butteriness and crisp acidity.

Vinnaturo Tempranillo 2013 3 Litre box (Spain £30.50)
Can a wine be honest? We like to think so. Take this Tempranillo.  Just lots of juicy flavour. Lasts up to four weeks once opened. Organic.


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