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Wines On Taste At Park+Bridge This Weekend

We’ve decked our wine racks, we’re bathing in the glimmer of the Churchfield Road Christmas lights and that means, officially, we are in a Christmas mood. So this week we’re bringing out one of the big ones, a wine that’s a real treat. Yes, we’re popping the cork on our Amarone. Plus, we have a new listing for you to try, a New Zealand Pinot Gris, great on its own – but rather tasty with a  roast turkey or goose.

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Alpha Zeta ‘A’ Amarone 2009 (Italy £28.50)
This Alpha Zeta is a rich but fresh modern-style Amarone, packed with dried berries and spices. It’s a great big wine and ideal for special occasions. It’s a great match for stong flavours – like Gorgonzola, mature parmesan, oxtail stew and four-legged game. Please note that it is fined with egg whites.

Paddy Borthwick Pinot Gris 2011 (New Zealand £13.90)
Fresh, juicy pears, a sprinkle of allspice and a twist of lemon peel. Richly satisfying with a nice lift on the finish. Almost half the wine was fermented & matured in old casks. From the Wairarapa wine region in New Zealand’s North Island.

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As always bottles will be open from 6pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday.

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