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What We’re Drinking: Friday 9th + Saturday 10th May

We were going to open a rosé wine this weekend. But we’ve looked at the weather forecast… and we’re hedging our bets with a pale red instead from Liguria in north west Italy.

Rossese is grown in small amounts in the region, and although it looks like a dark rosé, it’s a red wine, we can assure you. Nice served lightly chilled and fantastic with cold cuts and robust salads.

Alongside it, we’re opening the new vintage of our popular Pouilly-Fumé, from the slightly more generous year of 2012 for Loire whites.

Bruna Rossese 2012 (Italy £15.50)
Made from an aromatic red grape from Liguria, this reminds us of lying down in the woods on a glorious sunny day by a wild strawberry patch. With a picnic. Maybe. Great alternative to Beaujolais.

Tracy Mademoiselle de Saint-Baville Pouilly-Fumé 2012 (France £17.95)
Made by Chateau de Tracy, one of the top Pouilly-Fumé producers, this has rich citrus flavours with hints of blackcurrant leaf, passion fruit and a supple texture lifted by a fresh, stony minerality.

Don’t forget, it’s Friday from 6pm – 8pm, Saturday from 2pm – 6pm and there’s no obligation to do anything except have a great time.


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