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What We’re Drinking: Friday + Saturday, 3rd + 4th May

This week we’ll be opening two wines brand new to the shop. We think they’re great examples of what Park+Bridge is about. Grapes and wine regions a little off the beaten track.

Tornai Zenit 2012 (Hungary 2012 £10)
“Zenit is a cross between Bouvier and Ezerjo”. Come again? What we do know is that this makes a great alternative to Picpoul,  if a bit more floral. Good with mackerel, horseradish, beetroot and pickles, apparently. No, we haven’t tried it with that combination, but sounds delicious.

Pfaffl Wien 2 2012 (Austria £13.50)
We keep ordering this when eating out. So we thought it was high time we stocked it. Silky berries with a bit of crunch and spice. Medium bodied. And very moreish.  A good BBQ all rounder. C’mon! The sun’s out as we write this…

Wines are open for tasting from 6-8pm on Friday and 2-6pm on Saturday, and there is absolutely no obligation to buy. Just come along and have some fun.



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