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What We're Drinking: Friday 18th + Saturday 19th October

Blimey. Mid October already. Time to get some of the big boys in. Those wines that warm us up on the inside as the nights get nippy. We call them Ready Brek for adults (though we’re not advocating drinking these for breakfast, obviously).

Park+Bridge Wines on Taste this weekendFirst up: Madiran. The reason duck confit and cassoulet were invented, basically. By law, it has to contain tannic Tannat, but is usually blended to add charm with Cabernets Sauvignon and Franc, and Fer (which is used to make our delightful Marcillac).

Uncompromising when young, Madiran learns the art of give and take with a few years’ bottle age.

We’ll be opening our newly-listed, Chateau Boucasse 2008 (£19) from Alain Brumont, the marquis of Madiran, this weekend.

By way of contrast, we’ll be opening another new wine that is simply delicious all year round. We’ve replaced our simple, fruity summer Sicilian Grillo with one that has more finesse and flair: Rallo’s Bianco Maggiore Grillo 2012 (£12). The grapes from vines grown close to the sea near Marsala, which we think adds a freshness you don’t get inland. Oh, and it’s organic.

Wines are open from 6-8pm on Friday and 2-6pm on Saturday.

PS: We’ve also just added to our reds under a tenner with David Merlot/Duras (£8.50), a crunchy, fruits-of-the-forest wine from the Tarn region in France. We also now have half bottles of Valdespino Deliciosa Manzanilla Sherry (£6.50) too.



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