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What’s on Taste This Friday September 12th

A couple of beautiful wines from a great biodynamic Italian producer this Friday.

Cosimo Maria Masini Daphné 2011 Cosimo Maria Masini Nicole 2010Cosimo Maria Masini Daphné 2011 (Italy £16.95)
Trebbiano Toscano with a twist. Four days skin maceration gives this aromatic wine a nutty, savoury, herbal dimension and some light tannins. Plus an dark yellow colour. Try with smoked & salty foods, small game, sardines. Unfined, unfiltered, no added yeasts, biodynamic.

Cosimo Maria Masini Nicole 2010 (Italy £14.50)
Juicy, ripe red cherries combined with a soft earthiness and a light chicory note on the finish. Proper Tuscan goodness. Just add ragù.100% Sangiovese. Unfined, unfiltered, no added yeasts, organic, biodynamic.

It’s from 6pm this Friday and as with all our in-store tastings, it’s fun, it’s free and there’s no obligation to buy anything – just come and taste some great biodynamic Italian wines.

Want to know more? This is from the winemaker’s website:

Our objective is to find out everything there is to know about the area in which we farm our olive groves and grapevines, seeking to acquire the sensitivity necessary to understand nature’s rhythms and its energies. During the initial stages of our work we asked ourselves what we meant by wine production, and the answer we gave ourselves was that for us it means interpreting a terroir, a specific year, using wine as the sum of all the variables that come into play when working with living material.

Once the grapes have been collected, the next step is vinification, and in the wineceller, on the basis of the year of production and according to the natural course of fermentation, it is possible to guide the process using only limited mechanical interventions without the need for chemical additives. This is how we express our willingness to pursue sustainable development of agriculture that allows us to make wine without the use of synthesized chemical substances or invasive techniques. In so doing the Cosimo Maria Masini company, already holding organic certification, has found a fertile land of opportunity in the foundations of biodynamics.

We have wanted to distance ourselves from modern enology, that prefers to create wines seeking standardized conditions as in a lab, where everything has to be under control according to specific set rules dictated by “production protocols”.

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