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Wines On Taste At Park+Bridge 4th + 5th October

wines on taste at park and bridge wine shopThis week at Park+Bridge we’re opening a lovely new Languedoc red that’s new to our shelves and a white Bordeaux that’s become a solid favourite with regular customers.

Puech Auriol Gros Grain 2010 (France £12.50)
Take an old Languedoc grape (Aramon), add Cinsault for charm & Carignan for depth. Et voilà. Fragrant brambles. Organic.

Chateau Thieuley Bordeaux Blanc Sec 2012 (France £12.99)
The vibrant aromas of Sauvignon Blanc tempered by the smoky richness of Semillon.

As usual, wines will be open from 6pm on Friday and 2pm on Saturday, it’s completely free and there’s no obligation to buy anything.

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