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Wines On Taste: Friday 20th + Saturday 21st June

Tocai, Tokay, Tokaji. Not so long ago, these were terms used for three different wines from three different regions. Spelt differently. Pronounced the same.

Then the Hungarians took it to the EU.

Today, Tokaji – a wine style – rules. And the wines made from grapes with similar names have been rebranded. In Alsace, Tokay is now called the more recognisable Pinot Gris. In Italy, Tocai is called Friulano because it comes from…. Friuli.

Friulano is actually a relative of Sauvignon Blanc, but its aromatics are less high pitched. And, in the case of the one we’ve got on taste this weekend, in can make rounded, soft wines with less aggressive acidity than its cousin but still feel nice and refreshing.

di Lenardo TOH! Friulano 2013
Ripe quince and apricot with some nutty, lemon peel tones, this wine definitely has some curves (but no oak). Great on its own, it’s a flexible food friend. This is one of our favourite pizza whites.

We’ve also got a new, affordable Bordeaux on the shelves, from a vineyard owned by Alain Vironneau, a former president of the CIVB (Bordeaux Wine Trade Council).

Châteaux Majureau-Sercillan Bordeaux Supérieur 2010
A well-made, straightforward Bordeaux from near Blaye on the right bank. Firm and structured from a great vintage with plenty of dense fruit. Benefits from decanting for an hour. 50% Merlot 30% Cab Sauv. 20% Cab Franc.

Wines are open for tasting from 6-8pm on Friday and 2-6pm. It’s free, there’s no obligation to buy (and nor is there any obligation to talk about football…)

di Leonardo Toh! Friulano and Chateau Majureau-Sercillan Bordeaux 2010



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